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Welcome to the Chthonic Auranian Templars of Thelema (CATOT). This page is here to serve as a contact point for those wishing to join our order and a public forum for the works of its members.

For close to 20 years the Chthonic Auranian Templars of Thelema (until recently known as the Chthonic Auranian OTO) has been a small tribe of Thelemites, each seeking gnosis in hir own way, yet together under the same sanctuary. The Order has been fairly secretive in the past and has not tried to draw attention to itself. With the maturation and worldwide influence of the Nu Aeon, however, the Order now surfaces and makes itself known. Our change of name clarifies our identity, while avoiding inadvertant confusion with other organizations whose initiatory techniques, oaths of secrecy, and hierarchal structures we do not choose to emulate.

That being said, we both allow and welcome cross-membership and fellowship with all other Thelemites, regardless of Order affiliation or lack of same, and place no restrictions on membership due to initations or oaths taken in other Orders.

Due to the recentness of our name change, many documents and essays on this site still may refer to the Chthonic Auranian Ordo Templi Orientis. There is no need to email the webmaster about this inconsistency. Thanks.

Love is the law, love under will.

This website was originally created and maintained by Frater Inominandum. An infinitude of "thank yous" to him for his work on behalf of the Order.

This website is maintained by Frater Nyar of the Austin, Texas CATOT Powerzone.

All copyright to materials on this site is held by the individual authors, who have the sole authority to set conditions for reprint or republication of their material. CATOT itself makes no claims of copyright ownership - you own your own words. :)